So That’s What 5.6 Feels Like

I had just finished watching Oklahoma State get past Kansas St. and was watching the news.  They were reporting on the 4.6 quake that happened earlier that morning around 2:30am.  When I started feeling some shaking and a rumble sound like a semi-truck going down Delaware.  The talking head said that they were feeling an earthquake.

The shaking continued and got worse.  It was quite frightening.  I wasn’t in panic mode, I was still sitting in my recliner after all.  But all the same, it was frightening.  The TV was rocking back and forth, my reading light was shaking and I could hear the house creaking.  It seemed to go on for minutes, but I think it was more like 45 seconds or so.  There was no apparent damage to the house and nothing fell off the walls.

California can keep these things.  Very disconcerting.  I’ll gladly take my chances with tornadoes, at least I get some warning that it’s coming.

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