My name is Randy Luhman.  I’m 65 and live in the south central US.  I started this blog to have a spot where I could document some of the things that I do with my hobbies and to post on things that interest me.

Some of my favorite things are scale modeling, rocketry, science, computer programming, auto racing, football, and cooking.

In the beginning years of having this blog I’d been very lax with my posting.  Lots of things going on at work and life.  I’m now retired and have more time to pop in and drop an occasional post.  Most of my posts the last few years have been about my scale modeling.  Since retiring I’ve had a lot more time to go back to my most favorite hobby.  It’s about time, since over the years when I wasn’t building I was still buying.  I’ve got a closet full of kits that I’m just now beginning to make a dent in.

I hope you find the posts on this site interesting and enjoyable.

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