The Saga of the Dishwasher

I know I haven’t updated in a while, and yes, the kitchen is done.  I’ll post on that soon.  But for now I have a story to tell about our new dishwasher.

We bought a GE Profile Dishwasher PDWT480RSS because of a rebate offer.  If we bought 5 appliances together then we got a nice $500 rebate.  Our remodeler installed the unit rather than Hahn, where we bought it.

We were able to start using it a little before the rest of the kitchen was finished.  At first it seemed that everything was working fine, but we were not using it much since the kitchen wasn’t finished and we were still using a lot of paper and plastic.  I would usually run it just before going to bed, so that the next morning the dishes were done.  Then one Saturday afternoon I ran it and noticed that there was a small dripping leak at the bottom left side of the door.

I called Hahn and they had someone come out to check it.  Yep, sure enough it leaks.  So he checks the door over and can’t see anything wrong with it.  Just in case, he replaces the door seal.  It still leaks.  He calls GE and they tell him that it is probably a small crack in one of the spray arms.  So he orders a new spray arm (they don’t have spares in stock).

A week later, after I have to call and find out what the status is, they come out and replace the lower spray arm.  Guess what, it still leaks.  Another call to GE and now he’s going to replace all the spray arms (there are three in this unit).  Of course, they aren’t in stock so he’ll have to order them.  They’ll call as soon as the parts come in.

Another week goes by (actually more than a week, since I’m busy with other things at home and work), I call them to find out what the deal is.  “The part should be in tomorrow.  They’ll call tomorrow and set up a time.”, they say.  Anyway, he finally comes out and replaces all the spray arms.  It is still leaking!  He has brought his supervisor with him this time.  The supervisor tells me that this should satisfy GE that the dishwasher is defective and they will replace it with a new one.  Great!

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