Airfix 1/144 Saturn Ib

This is another one of my long-term projects.  I started it several years ago.  It got put aside because of other more important things and other distractions so I never found the time to get back into it until now. Before I put it down, I had nearly finished the upper part of the model from … Continue reading Airfix 1/144 Saturn Ib

So That’s What 5.6 Feels Like

I had just finished watching Oklahoma State get past Kansas St. and was watching the news.  They were reporting on the 4.6 quake that happened earlier that morning around 2:30am.  When I started feeling some shaking and a rumble sound like a semi-truck going down Delaware.  The talking head said that they were feeling an … Continue reading So That’s What 5.6 Feels Like

Politicizing Science

If you are truly scientifically minded, all the climate change warnings may have you a bit skeptical.  At least you should be.  I've been skeptical for some time, even though it seems I'm one of the very few.  There are a few bright spots where others with some voice in the press and media have … Continue reading Politicizing Science