Week Three of the Renovation is Complete

It at first seemed that not much would be done this week.  The last of the drywall touch-up needed to get finished and then the paint needed a second coat.  The granite was not going to be ready until next week.  Or so we thought.

On Thursday we got a call about the granite.  It seemed that the top slab that we looked at when we chose it was not representative of the slabs under it, even though they were consecutively numbered.  We went back to the granite yard and looked.  Sure enough, the other slabs were way darker and had an overall orange cast to them.

That was not what we wanted.  So now we had to go through all the granite slabs again and try to find one that was acceptable.  Of course there were none that looked like the original one we had chosen.  Finally we found one that we felt could work.  It had more brown in it than we had originally wanted but it did have a nice pattern and it had colors we could work with.

I phoned Jeff, our contractor, and told him we had selected a new set of slabs.  He said that they would get them sent to the fabricator that afternoon and they’d get started on them as soon as we had a new pattern drawn up.

On Friday morning the fabricator came out and drew up a new pattern (this was required because these new slabs were not as long and our original slabs).  Unbelievably, on my way home from work Jeff called and said that the slabs were done and he was wondering if they could be installed on Saturday morning.  I said, sure.

Saturday they came out and installed the slabs.  It took all morning and part-way through the afternoon, but they got them installed.  They will come back out on Monday to finish the sink cuts and then they will have to be out again when the cooktop is delivered so they can make the cutout for it.

I think it looks pretty good.  In some of the pictures it looks like the front edge is a lot lighter than the rest of the granite, but that is just an artifact of the flash.  Most of the flash is reflecting back off the edge and into the camera.

Week 2 of Kitchen Remodel

Well, week 2 is over.  The ceramic tile floor is in, the base cabinets are in, and the first coat of paint is on.  The floor turned out great.  Our sample that we had was only 12×12, these tiles are larger and have more character than our sample.  I would have liked a pattern of three sizes on the floor, but this tile looks really good and was less expensive than a pattern would have been.

The counter top pattern was supposed to have been made on Friday.  I don’t know if that happened or not.  I’ll have to check on Tuesday.  If it didn’t, then the counter top probably won’t go in until week 4.

The oven cabinet was supposed to go in flush with the wall where the intercom is.  Unfortunately that edge is not plumb (of course, why would I have expected anything else?).  So they are going to try to come up with a good solution for that.  We’ll see.

Interceptor-E Completed

I finally finished the Estes Interceptor-E.  The painting was pretty simple, just paint everything white.  Then mask off for the wing tip pods and the tailcone.  The hardest part was applying the three pages of water slide decals.

These have to be without a doubt the hardest decals I’ve ever applied.  I’ve worked with thin decals before but never ones this large.  This is a two edged sword.  They are so thin that they will stretch very easily, so you have to be careful and fully wet the area where the decal will be applied.  That way your can move the decal into its final position without stretching it (that’s the theory anyway).  On the other side, with them being so thin, they conform easily to any surface details that are there, making them look almost painted on.

I did finally get them on and it really makes this bird look great.  Hopefully I can get this one in the air for the June launch.

Update: It flew very well at our club launch.  I then took it to our annual High Frontier launch in Pawhuska OK.  It flew beautifully again, but unfortunately drifted northeast into some high grass (very high) and brush.  Myself and a friend looked for it for quite some time with no success.  I really hated to loose that rocket, it had turned out great and I only had two launches on it.  I have another kit in my stash and I guess I’ll have to find some time to get it built.  Next time there is high grass or brush in the area, I’ll be sure to fly it with a beeper.  I had one in my range box that I could have used but chose not to.  Stupid on me.

Remodeling the Kitchen

Well we’re going to do it.  We’ve got the line of credit and picked a builder.  We went with Kitchens by Jim Thompson.  They started work on 5/11.  These are some before pictures.  I took these so that we can better tell what a difference it will be.

The main things are that the dropped ceiling will be gone, the cabinets over the peninsula will be removed and the fridge will move from the north wall to the west wall next to the oven.  I’ll add updates as things change.