Week 2 of Kitchen Remodel

Well, week 2 is over.  The ceramic tile floor is in, the base cabinets are in, and the first coat of paint is on.  The floor turned out great.  Our sample that we had was only 12×12, these tiles are larger and have more character than our sample.  I would have liked a pattern of three sizes on the floor, but this tile looks really good and was less expensive than a pattern would have been.

The counter top pattern was supposed to have been made on Friday.  I don’t know if that happened or not.  I’ll have to check on Tuesday.  If it didn’t, then the counter top probably won’t go in until week 4.

The oven cabinet was supposed to go in flush with the wall where the intercom is.  Unfortunately that edge is not plumb (of course, why would I have expected anything else?).  So they are going to try to come up with a good solution for that.  We’ll see.

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