Politicizing Science

If you are truly scientifically minded, all the climate change warnings may have you a bit skeptical.  At least you should be.  I’ve been skeptical for some time, even though it seems I’m one of the very few.  There are a few bright spots where others with some voice in the press and media have attempted to steer the debate back to a more scientific line, rather than the political fervor it has come to on both sides of the debate.  While there is actual scientific evidence that the earth is indeed warming, and we humans are surely contributors, the exact cause is as yet in doubt.

A few years ago I noticed a piece by John Stossel questioning the conclusions in Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  Apparently it was inconvenient for Gore to answer any questions because he refused to do an interview with Stossel for the article.  Later that year Stossel did another story on the climate change consensus.

Then a few months later in the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion section there was an excerpt from a lecture given at the California Institute of Technology by the late Michael Crichton in 2003.  In it he explores the way science has changed for the worse over the years.  I’ve posted the full text of the lecture with a few notes at the beginning.  The lecture is excellent reading.  Please take the time to check it out.

Note: a few changes have been made to this post since its original 2008 posting.

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