How to Stop Government Shutdowns

I don’t usually post about politics since it can be a divisive topic, but the recent shutdown fiasco has prompted me to say something.

Holding government employees hostage over political maters is stupid and just plain wrong.  The opposing sides need to sit down and come to a compromise (that seems to be a bad word these days).  Congress could and should put an end to the possibility of government shutdowns.  They would need to pass a new bill that stipulates in the event that an appropriations bill cannot be passed before the end of the fiscal year the current level of funding will continue until such time that a new appropriation bill is passed.

This would eliminate the possibility of a shutdown because all agencies would receive continued funding even if a new bill has not been approved.  Government employees would no longer have to fear loss of income just because the politicians can’t come to an agreement.  I would hope that our president would sign such a bill to provide stability for the 800,000 government workers that get held hostage every time a new round of appropriation bills comes up.

Now Congress and President, go do your jobs.

Enough said!

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