1/144 Saturn I Block II SA-5 Build Update 8

Time for another update.

The construction is finished except for adding the S-I retrorockets and the S-I engines.  The engines have been painted.

S-I engines painted.

The two halves have been glued together with epoxy.  I then applied a final primer coat after a small bit of sanding on the S-I/S-IV joint.  Once that was done I gave it an overall coat of white.  After letting the paint cure for a couple of days, then began the tedious task of masking off all the areas that are to remain white.  Once that was done I sprayed on the black.  It turned out pretty good, only a handful of leaks that had to be cleaned up.  After letting the black cure a couple of more days, I started painting some of the details.  The antennas got painted yellow.  The half sphere on the instrument unit was painted black, the LOX and fuel fill and drain ports were painted steel, and the S-IV ullage motors got painted with some red leaving a strip of white on the top.  The joint between the S-I and the S-IV interstage is supposed to be black and I’ll do that with a decal, which should be easier that painting since masking that area would be very problematic.

Next up is to scratch the S-I retrorockets.  I have an idea of how I’m going to do that.  Hopefully it works in the real world.  Then I’ll need to finish the decals.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking.

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