Remodeling the Master Bath Week 6

Week six was pretty much nothing. We did get the other vanity light finally. We had waited about three weeks for that to come in. We already had one, but needed a second one. The store we bought them from only had one in stock so we ordered the second one from the warehouse. Well, a couple of weeks went by and still no light. We called and they said that it was still on order but they couldn’t tell if it had shipped. They said there was no need to call again they would call when it came in.

Well, another week and a half went by and still nothing. Now we are getting close to the time when we will need them to be installed. So we did some searching and found that Home Depot had the same light that could be bought online for store delivery. We ordered it and about 4 days later, it came in. It exactly matched the one we already have.

So we went back to the original store to cancel the order since we now had what we needed. Come to find out it had come in the day after we called and no one notified us. So we got a refund for the extra light and no restocking fee. What a mess.

We had ordered the hardware for the cabinets last week and they came in so we went by the store and picked them up.

The only items that we still need to get are the mirrors. As soon as the tall cabinet gets installed we will get our exact measurements and pick a couple up.

On Friday part of the granite finally arrived.

Note that the curb top is not installed. It was cut to the wrong size, they will bring out the correct one next week. The tub surround looks good, the backsplash for it will go in next week as well. Note the lack of a toilet. They disposed of it in the dumpster.

Can’t wait to see the vanity top. Next week looks to be busier. They should finish the granite install and then get the cabinets stained. If there is time they should be able to start painting by the end of the week.

Things are getting closer to being complete.

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