1/72 Dragon Gemini Spacecraft Build Update 4

I got the decals printed. I did a few dry runs on plain paper to adjust the sizes of some of the decals. Some of the 1/48 scale decals for the Revel kit didn’t quite match the Dragon kit after they were down scaled to 1/72. But after a few modifications I decided that they should fit, so I printed them on decal paper.

I had a little trouble with the white ribbon.  It didn’t quite stick properly on the double passes, but I think they will work anyway.

Here I have the decals applied.  The small decals on the nose are hard to see but they are there.  A couple of passes with Micro Sol and then a pass with Solvaset and the decals settled into the shingle grooves nicely.

I next used some Micro Kristal Klear to simulate the hatch windows. Here it is just after application. It kind of resembles white glue.

Here they are after drying.

I next glued the interior into capsule.

Then the doors went on.

Here is a nose on view.

Now on to the stripes of the adapter section. I’ve decided that I’ll do Gemini VI. I was trying to figure out just how many stripes there were and where they were applied. I studied photos for quite a while and I came up with the following pattern.

I came up with 88 total stripes on the Adapter Equipment section and 72 stripes on the Adapter Retro section.  After having come up with the layout from photos, I found on http://www.astronautix.com under the Gemini Technical Description section that they had the same number I came up with.  So I guess I’ll go with that.

I’m not sure that my black stripe decals are narrow enough but I’m going to start and if they are obviously too wide then I’ll remove them and print a new set.

Hopefully I can get that done soon.  I also still have to apply the gold foil to the back of the adapter equipment section.  Not much left to do on this one.

Thanks for looking.

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