Remodeling the Master Bath Week 7

Monday started with the vanity top getting installed. The sinks got glued to the bottom of the granite. The shower curb top also finally got installed. That has the shower now ready to be measured for the glass. The backsplash around the tub platform was added as well.

After the granite crew left we noticed that the vanity back splash went all the way across the wall. It should have had a blank area where the tall cabinet would go. I called the job boss and he had a granite guy come back out and take the back splash off before the glue set. It turns out that the granite cutter forgot to tell the install crew that the tall cabinet would be going into the wall.

They were unable to cut the back splash that day since they didn’t have the right tool. The vanity back splash is about half the thickness of the vanity top (1.5cm instead of 3cm). With the length of it, that made it too flexible so they grooved the backside and glued in some steel rods to strengthen it. That is the reason they would have to come out the next day.

Tuesday the Buckingham Group came and installed the tall vanity cabinet. The sheetrock on the wall was cut out so that the cabinet could be recessed about 4 inches. That gives us more counter space and still have a full depth cabinet. They also added crown molding to the top of the tall cabinet and also the top of the cabinet over the toilet.

On Wednesday, the granite crew came back out and cut the vanity backsplash and got it installed. It looks good.

Here is a view inside of the tall cabinet as it stands now.

That’s it for week 7. We are hoping for more progress next week.

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