Week 4: Almost done!

Well, week four have gone by.  The upper cabinets have started going up.  They would be complete, except for a snafu on the corner unit.  Apparently, the cherry sides did not make it into the order.  They are on their way and should be here next Tuesday.  That prevents the last upper from going up.  They will need to pull the corner unit out to attach the sides, then the unit can go back in and the last upper can be attached.

There is a small amount of adjusting that needs to be done to the drawers under the cooktop to get them to clear the gas pipes at the wall.  The hood cabinet that will cover the vent pipe should be here soon as well.

The under cabinet lighting has started to go in.  It’s not all hooked up yet because the last upper isn’t in.  The over the cabinet lighting is not done for the same reason.

There are a couple of appliances that need to be adjusted to fit properly, but that should be no problem.  There are a couple of warped doors that will get replaced as well.

The pantry should be done soon.  That will give the pantry the same look as the rest of the kitchen.

I think we’re down to the home stretch.  It is really looking great!

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