50th Anniversary Saturn V Build Update 8

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I’ve been busy with other things lately.

I’ve put a coat of primer on the model and added the LES tower.  I decided to use the PE tower that came in the RealSpace Models set.  I tried a couple of times to scratch build one in styrene rod but I never could get a result that looked good.  The PE one came out pretty good.  I did add a copper wire ring to the tower that was not included in the kit.

Here is the S-IC with primer.  My scribing lines leave a bit to be desired. The tank seams might need a bit of work, at least on the LOX tank. I can still see a couple of dimples.

Here is the S-II with its primer coat.  I decided to add the details now since I have decided that the black stripes will be done with custom decals instead of paint.  After primer I noticed an area on the upper insulation band that needs some sanding.  The New-Ware details really make the S-II look good.  The interstage fit isn’t perfect but it would really be a big task to get it there. This will have to do.

Here is the S-IVB.  I think this stage came out looking the best.  All the details are added except the APS pods. They are silver in color and I think I’ll wait until I put paint on the S-IVB before I attach them. Those tiny PE parts on the IU were tough to get in the right place before the CA set up.  Lots of work under the magnifying lamp.

Finally here is the spacecraft section. There are a few tiny pinholes that I need to take care of.  Also, I have not added the RCS clusters yet.  I have not yet decided if I’m going to paint the SM or use BareMetal Foil.  If I use the foil then I’ll put the RCS clusters on after foiling.  Otherwise I’ll go ahead and add the RCS clusters and then paint.  I used foil on my Saturn IB build and it turned out pretty well.  I still haven’t made up my mind yet for this build.  I had to do a bit of trimming where the PE LES Tower meets the posts on the BPC.  You can see the copper wire circle that was added to the tower.

That’s it for now.  More work to come.  The LES rocket needs to be detailed and primed.  Painting isn’t too far off now.

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