Remodeling the Master Bath Week 12

We were really hoping this would be the last week of the renovation. Monday the electricians showed up and got almost all their work done. All the lights are in, the new switches and outlets installed and the covers put on.

On Tuesday the plumber came by and put the tub in. He didn’t start the hook up yet but he did get all the other fixtures installed. The toilet is in and works. Then another of the contractor’s crew came out and installed the cabinet hardware.

On Wednesday we discovered a problem. The shower was supposed to have a regular shower head as well as two hand shower wands. The shower head was not installed and there is no outlet to hook it up to. When I told the plumber about it, he said that he could drill a hole for the new outlet through the wall tile and he could plumb it from the back side so we would not have to destroy the shower tile. The shower head will go where the wand is connected and the shower wand will be hooked up to the new outlet.

We then found out that the tub fixtures can’t go in the corner where we would have preferred because a structural brace for the tub is in the way. We decided to move the fixtures to the near side of the tub. The next tub problem occurred during the install of the tub drain. The hole in the floor is not large enough to accommodate the drain. He would have to come back the next day with a helper to enlarge the drain hole in the floor.

The electrician came back out to put a cover over the hole where the wires were hanging down. I’m not sure why the wires were there to begin with.

The floor register was also installed. Here are a few photos of the progress.

Thursday saw the plumber back out with a helper to finish the tub. He then got all the fixtures installed on it. The sinks got hooked up as well. A hole was drilled in the shower wall tile for the new location of the shower wand supply. The sheet rock man will be out to fix the access hole in the utility room tomorrow.

Friday started with the hole in the utility room getting patched.

Unfortunately the glass shower door will not get installed until Tuesday of next week. They did remove the floor runners and vacuumed the area. That seemed a bit early since there is still a small bit of work to do, but since is it just the shower glass it shouldn’t create too much traffic.

The only thing left in the renovation contract is the glass shower door. So it looks like we will be making the last payment on the job next week. It won’t quite be complete because the vanity mirrors are not in yet, but they are our responsibility per the contract. They have been ordered, but it looks like it will be a couple of weeks before we get them.

We’ll see how next week goes.

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