Remodeling the Master Bath Week 13 & 14

Well, this is beginning to get old. The glass shower door that was supposed to be ready for Tuesday, was not. I finally got some news on what the problem may be. The fabricator has been having problems getting the tempered glass from the supplier of the proper quality. That has been delaying not just our project but others as well.

It seems that they did get some glass in on Monday, but they cut it the wrong shape to fit the shower bench. So they had to start over and it looks like the earliest that it will be here is Friday, but more likely Monday. So this week will be pretty much a bust.

The other thing we are waiting on is the painter to get here to repaint over the patched divots next to the tub that the plumber accidentally made when he was trying to install the tub. Hopefully he can get that done this week. Here are the patched spots, not a big deal but it does need to be sanded and repainted.

On Wednesday we heard from the painter that he won’t have a guy free to do the repaint until Monday of next week. Oh well what’s another week.

Since nothing else is going on we checked the sinks, shower and tub to be sure the drain stoppers and faucets worked correctly. We found that the stopper on the sink near the north wall is stuck. You pull the lever and nothing happens. Both sets of sink faucets work just fine and no leaks.

We moved on to the shower, and everything works OK there. But, when we checked the drain on the tub we found a problem. We ran a small bit of water into the tub with the drain closed. When I shut off the water, I could hear what sounded like a slight gurgle noise. I originally thought the tub stopper was leaking, but when I leaned in to hear better, my ear was next to the faucet and I could tell the sound was from there. My wife opened the access door under the faucet and saw water dripping. I got down and checked the hot and cold valves and the base of the filler, and they seemed dry. Water was dripping from the “T” that joined the hot and cold and leads up to the filler. Once all the water drained out of the filler neck the dripping stopped. So here is a problem the plumber will have to fix.

I called the contractor and it looks like it will be next week before the plumber can come out. He is having some personal issues that is delaying him.

On Thursday we found out the glass doors will definitely not be here until next week.

So that’s it for this week. Definitely a disappointment. We are so close if we can just get a couple of things done we will be finished. Fingers crossed for next week.

Week 14 (Spoiler We Finally Get Finished)

Hurray! The glass shower door came on Monday and was installed. We have to leave them alone for 24 hours, but after that we have a new shower we can use. The painter also came out the same day and covered over the tub divot repairs.

On Wednesday the bathroom mirrors got installed by Robinson Glass.

The plumber didn’t make it out until the following Monday, but he did make it and all the plumbing problems were fixed. The bathroom is now complete!

You can notice that we also got new towels and floor mats. The only thing that the wife still wants to get are new waste baskets and a new clothes hamper. We also would like to get some new light fixtures for the closets. But at least we can use the new bathroom. It took longer than expected but we are really pleased with the results.

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