1/72 Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Build

I’m starting a new model build. This will be the Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach in 1/72 scale.

This will fill out my 1/72 scale US Manned spacecraft set. I’ve previously built the Horizon Models Mercury Spacecraft and the Dragon Gemini Spacecraft. I also have a 1/72 scale Space Shuttle Columbia that I built many many years ago.

Here are the parts for the CSM. I’ll be building the LM after the CSM is built. I’ll also be using the New-Ware upgrade set to correct some of the faults and add some of the missing details for both the CSM and LM.

I started with the Command Module. Here it is straight from the kit.

Well almost straight from the kit. You can see that I scribed the outline of the main hatch. The next thing I did was start sanding down the raised area which is much too pronounced. I also removed the raised area for the hatch window and the frames for the two side windows.

I then added the PE window frames for the side windows and the hatch window.

Since Dragon opted to not mold open windows I opened them all up.

Next I added the EVA hand holds. I used the hand holds from the kit. I didn’t mind the look of the kit provided hand holds and it saved me a lot of folding of tiny PE parts. I did use the New-Ware hand hold for the main hatch since Dragon didn’t provide one. But, I had to modify it since it was definitely too long. I cut part of it off and refolded it. I think it is still a bit large but it isn’t too bad. I also added the ring hand hold near the docking area. The New-Ware detail set includes purge ports in both PE and resin. I liked the look of the resin ones so I used those. Here is a view from the hatch side.

Here is a view from above.

I drilled out some of the attitude thrusters. I considered drilling out the roll thrusters, but at that steep angle I don’t trust myself to not screw it up. So those will have to do until I can do some tests on something else.

That’s pretty much it for the CM since there is no interior. I think it is about ready for primer. More to come.

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