Dragon 1/144 X-15 Build Update 4

I’ve make a lot of progress on the decals since the last update.  I’ve completed and printed them.  I started out by drawing them in vector form on Paint Shop Pro.  I then printed them on my laser printer and cut them out and laid them on the model in their approximate position so I could verify that they were the right size.

Laser printed decals cut out and placed.

Most of the smaller ones look like hieroglyphics when you zoom in on them, but at this scale once they are on the model you can’t read them anyway.  Here is a screen cap of the decals before I printed them.

Screen capture of the decal artwork.

I draw them on a blue background so I can see the white decals.  In order to print them I have to create a couple of separate files.  One for the white and another for the other colors.  The ALPS ink is rather translucent so if they are going to be placed on a dark painted area I underlay them with white.  So the first layer that is printed is the white layer.  I print that twice to make the white more opaque.  Then I run them through again to print the colors.

Here are the printed decals.  The small decal sheet on the left is the original Dragon decal sheet.

Original decals any my custom decals.

In all my research it appears that the X-15 US insignia did not have the blue circle around the star.  It was just the white and red.  Obviously I added a lot of markings that were not included in the Dragon kit.  Their decals really only allow you to build the original rollout version.  Even at that there were a few that were left off.

Now that I’ve completed the decals I have to get off my rear and paint the two birds.  It’s the home stretch now.  More to come. Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “Dragon 1/144 X-15 Build Update 4

  1. I came across your articles on your X-15 build. Would it be possible to buy a couple of decal sheets from you? I’ve been sitting on a couple of Dragon kits for years looking for decals that would be appropriate for late in the X-15 program.

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