Remodeling the Master Bath Week 2

Week 2 of the remodel started with removing more sheetrock. Originally they thought that they could save the sheetrock on the ceiling, but that didn’t quite work out. Turns out the ceiling joists ran the opposite way from what we thought. Plus the popcorn on the ceiling looked to be harder to remove than expected. It was better to just remove the sheetrock and put up new when the wiring was done.

The sheetrock behind the vanity was removed as well to facilitate the changes to the plumbing and wiring. With the sheetrock out of the way the electrician was able to wire for the new outlets at the vanity. New can lights were going up in the ceiling, a new vent fan/light went in and a new can light over they shower. The plumber also came in to start preparing for the new sinks and make way for the tower cabinet that would be recessed into the wall.

The next day new sheetrock started going up. The electrician came out briefly to get the remaining can light boxes put in. He also added the junction boxes for the two lights over the vanity. The extension to the toilet wall was added and the new tub frame started.

The next day mud work on the new sheetrock started. A small bit of sheetrock was put up at the new door frame and mudded in. A little more work was done to the tub frame and some cement board was put up in the shower.

The week finished with more mud work done to all the areas that had new sheetrock added. Notice the nice raccoon footprints on the sheetrock. It must have been stored outside for a while.

Quite a bit or work got done in week two. I’m anxious to see what gets done in week three.

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