1/72 Dragon Gemini Spacecraft Build Update 3

I continued painting with the astronauts and the cockpit. The astronauts are Tamiya Fine Primer White. I painted the straps with Tamiya Blue and the visors were Vallejo Gold. The cockpit interior is Vallejo White Gray. I glued the cockpit assembly to the heat shield which had previously been primed and then the edge of the heat shield was painted with Vallejo RLM23 Red.

I then added more detail paint to the crew module. I painted the edges of the hatches and the hatch openings with Vallejo RLM23 Red. The ring around the nose was painted with the same color. The nose section holding the radar and the pyro cables were painted Vallejo White. I then went back and added some Vallejo RLM23 Red to the cables to indicate the bundling straps. The horizon sensor was also painted Vallejo White.

Here are the remaining parts and assemblies as they stand right now.

Now its time to turn to the decals which I redrew from a 1/48 scale sheet from Space Model Systems that I have and resized it to 1/72. I’ll have to do some testing to find out if any of them need to be tweaked to fit the Dragon model. I’ll also need to add the gold foil to the back of the adapter section.

More to come.

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