1/72 Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Update 7

While the paint was curing I started on the Steerable High Gain Antenna. I painted the PE dishes NATO Black. The mast was painted Vallejo Silver and the rest was left primer white.

I then took some 32 gauge wire and cut some to the length needed bent them to run from the SM/SLA Electrical Umbilical Disconnect to the holes that I had previously drilled in the back of the Service Module. I then painted them Tamiya Flat White.

When they were dry I glued them on with some CA.

You can also see that I painted the SPS engine curtain yellow. I also finished painting the SPS engine nozzle. The bottom portion is NATO black and the upper section was painted Tamiya Metallic Gray.

The next update should be finishing up the Command Module.

Thanks for looking.

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