1/72 Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Update 6

I took a bit of a detour before continuing on with the Service Module. I decided to go ahead and build the docking probe. It consists of four parts. In the photo below the parts are assembled from left to right.

After assembling them you get a pretty nice representation of the Apollo docking probe.

I dry fitted it to the Command Module to see how it looks.

I’ll keep it around if I ever decide to display the Command/Service Module alone.

I then went back to prepare for painting the Command and Service Modules. Here I have already primed the CM and the SM nozzle and then sprayed them with Alclad gloss black base in preparation for the metal color.

The Command Module will be painted Alclad chrome and the inside of the nozzle will be Alclad burnt metal.

The Service Module was primed with Tamyia white primer. I then masked off all the areas I wanted to remain white in preparation to spray the SM with Alclad stainless steel.

Next I went ahead and glued the RCS nozzles in place.

Now I have to let the Alclad gloss base coat cure before moving on the spraying the color coats.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking

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