Dragon 1/144 X-15 Build Update 2

I’m building X-15-1 in its landed configuration with the air brakes open.  That meant that I needed to fill the open area under the dorsal fin.

Filling the open area on the dorsal fin.

Next, I needed to scratch build the air brake actuator parts since the air brakes will be open and the mechanism will be much more visible.  I started by cutting the components from rods and sheet stock.  The main hydraulic ram was made from .035 rod with the piston end from .020 rod.  The actuators were cut from .015 rod and they were connected to a hub piece cut from .005 sheet.  I then cut the “V” shaped rocker from .005 sheet stock.

Parts to assemble the air brake actuators. Also note the antennas cut from .005 sheet above the end of the ruler.

I first glued the hydraulic ram parts together and attached them to the hub and then glued that assembly to the back of the open air brake part.  I did cut a tiny part out of the back of the air brake to give the ram a place to rest.

Hydraulic ram installed in air brake.

I then added the actuator parts to connect the hub to the air brake plates.

Actuators added to air brakes.

I then glued the air brakes and ventral and dorsal fins to the fuselage.  Once they were glued in I added the “V” shaped rocker and the air brakes were done.

Completed air brakes with dorsal and ventral fins.

With that completed I glued in the XLR-11 engines.

XLR-11 engines installed.

X-15-1 with its XLR-11 engines had different fuel and oxidizer vent ports than when the XLR-99 engine was installed.  These were a much simpler part which looked like a simple pipe.

XLR-11 fuel and oxidizer jettison tubes. (from “Hypersonic” by Jenkens and Landis)

I used .035 tube to represent the XLR-11 fuel and oxidizer jettison ports.  At this point I also added the landing gear skids and nose wheel.  I also glued on the antennas.

Jettison ports, landing gear and antennas added. The nose wheel is not glued on.  It will be added after paint.

Finally, I glued on the pitot tube and the long needle probe.

Pitot tube, antennas and needle probe in place. Note the different position of the antennas compared to X-15-3.

With that X-15-1 and X-15-3 are ready for primer and paint prep.

Thanks for looking, more to come.

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