Pegasus 1/72 Lockheed XST Build Update 2

At the end of the last update I was trying to decide what to do about the fins on the XST. I decided that they really needed to be lengthened a bit. I used some .010 sheet stock and cut out the profile of the extension. I then lightly scored the extension where the main break was in the kit fin. I glued the extension to the original fin then took a small length of .015 x .020 strip stock and glued that to the inside of the line that was scored. Next the other side of the fin extension was glued on. When that had dried, I sanded the tips where each side of the extension met. Finally the join line was filled and sanded smooth.

I then moved to the cockpit canopy area. The opening was not even and need some build up work on the right hand side.

The canopy itself was coated in Future Floor Finish. This improved the clarity of the canopy.

The front of the canopy would not meet the front of the fuselage, so I added some strip styrene to the bottom of the canopy and then sanded the attached strip stock to properly fit the fuselage.

Then it was time to do some filling and sanding of the bottom of the aircraft.

I glued the canopy on with Plasti-Zap CA glue. This CA glue does not attack clear plastic parts like regular CA does. There will need to be some filling work on the canopy to make if fit better. I also cut some masks from Tamiya masking tape and put them on the canopy.

Then fins then got glued into position.

I also did some scrounging in my decal stash for some better ejection seat warning decals. The ones included in the kit are just plain red triangles. I found some on a sheet of MicroScale 1/72 F-104 decals. That sheet had decals for three different variations of the F-104. I pulled the ejection seat warnings from a group that I knew I would not be using on the F-104 kit I have in my stash.

Next I’ll spray on some primer and probably some additional sanding after the primer shows up rough spots that were missed.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking.

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