Horizon Models 1/72 Mercury Spacecraft Build Update 2 (Final)

Here is the final dash to the finish line for this build. With the decals complete on the retro pack, I painted the small posigrade rockets red and used CA to glue the straps to the retro packs.

The kit does not include any clear parts for the port holes or windows. To represent them I painted dark blue over the area where they should be.

Then each capsule got a shot of clear gloss over its upper surfaces. When that had cured I started applying decals. Some of the decals that needed to go over the corrugated shingles needed a few applications of MicroSol to get them to properly lay down into the details. They finally did flow into the details and look pretty good.

When the decals had dried they got a gloss coat to protect them and then a matte clear coat to reduce the shine. The window/porthole areas got drops of clear gloss to make them shiny again since they are supposed to be glass. I also applied a touch of clear gloss to the horizon sensors. Then the retro packs were attached with drops of CA glue applied to the ends of the straps. That finishes up the capsules themselves.

Next was the replacement base. I used a 4″ round base from Hobby Lobby and some metal rods. I cut the rods to different lengths to display the capsules at different heights. I also used the Mercury 7 logo from the supplied stand. I painted the rods and base black then sprayed the base with matte clear to reduce the shine. I painted the Mercury 7 logo with Alclad II black base and then Alclad II Chrome. It was then attached to the base with CA glue.

This kit from Horizon Models builds into a nice model for its size. I enjoyed this kit, it was a nice break once in a while from the stealth XST build. I really hope Horizon Models expands their line and makes a Gemini kit. Now it is time to move to the next build which is the BanDai 1/72 scale Y-Wing starfighter. I haven’t posted about this build yet, but I have been working on it between the stealth XST and the Mercury builds.

Thanks for looking.

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