Remodeling the Master Bath Week 1

Week 1 of the remodel of course started with demolition of the current room. They delivered a dumpster on Friday of the week before. Monday before they started they laid down some floor protection so the foot traffic wouldn’t harm the wood floors. They also started removing the shower cultured marble, doors and floor. An interesting thing was that behind the cultured marble was not cement board, as I had expected, but sheetrock. They also removed the carpet and pad. That carpet was original to the house from somewhere around 1983.

Next thing out was the vanity and mirror, followed by the tub and the mirror behind the tub. They started work on the shower area by framing in the area where the shower pan will go. They also added some framing for the new glass doors.

A few inches long extension was added to the wall between the toilet and tub area since the new tub will be a bit wider than the old one. They also framed in the area over the vanity for the tower cabinet that will fit between the sinks.

The biggest modification was to the entry doorway to the bathroom. It needed to move about 6 inches to the south to allow for the slightly larger vanity.

That pretty much finished the first week.

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