Remodeling the Master Bath Week 4

Well, smooth scheduling came to an end this week. We found out that our new vanity is delayed by two weeks. The shop has two big jobs that are in front of ours and they are running a little shorthanded so everything is being pushed back. Delays are to be expected I guess.

To keep things moving, they are measuring the shower seat and curb plus the tub surround for granite. Hopefully those can be installed at the beginning of next week.

We are taking the down time to put sealer on all the grout lines in the new tile. We also are painting the closets. The only part of the closets that is in the build contract is the new carpet. Everything else is up to us. That kept costs down a little bit. Here is a group of photos showing the progress.

The new color is a light tan color. This is also the color that the rest of the bathroom will be painted. The shelves and cubbies will be painted a shade darker than the main color. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get done this week. But it sounds like we will have more down time in week five so we should be able to get it done before work continues in earnest.

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