1/72 Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Update 2

I started on the Service Module (SM) by looking at the forward bulkhead where the Command Module (CM) will attach.

The instructions indicate that you should drill out the holes where the CM braces will attach to the forward bulkhead. It seems simple enough. However if you carefully examine the part something strange begins to appear. Here is the forward bulkhead with what should be the top.

The problem is the locating pegs for attaching it to the SM are on the wrong side. You also see something that apparently represents a tank dome. When you turn it over you notice something else out of place.

The locator pin for the CM is on the wrong side. This pin fits into the CM heatshield and centers it on the model. Plus there is an odd square pin that doesn’t have a place to go. Here is a photo of the bulkhead and the attachment ring that fits inside the SM.

The ring contains the three holes where the three pins on the bulkhead are supposed to fit. It also has a circular cutout for the lump that contains the tank dome that you see on the other side of the bulkhead. Note that the ring also has a notch on the outer edge for an alignment peg to fit. It is not for the peg on the bulkhead. That peg is too large for the notch. Here is a picture of the ring with a section of the SM side.

On the right of the SM side you can see the peg where the ring will attach. It’s almost like this kit was rushed to production without any fit checks. Anyway, I decided that I’d fix the problem by drilling out the holes for the CM braces as indicated on the instructions and then I would remove the tank dome lump from the back side so I could move the tank dome to the other side. I would remove the odd rectangular pin as well. Here is a photo of the start of the process.

Here I have drilled the holes and removed the peg. Next I’ll remove the tank dome lump while trying to preserve the actual tank dome itself. When I removed the lump, the remaining piece of tank dome dropped out nicely. I then glued a piece of sheet styrene to the backside of the bulkhead and glued the tank dome to the sheet stock. It came out fine. I also filled the ejector pin depressions. Here is a photo.

After that I glued on the CM braces.

Now I have a forward bulkhead with the locating pins on the back side and the braces and tank dome on the front side.

I can start work on the SM sides next. Thanks for looking, and more to come.

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