BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Update 1

On with the A-Wing build. There are a few panels on the fuselage and twin tails that are shades of gray. The kit provides decals for those panels and I’ve used them in the past on other Star Wars builds, but the panels on the tail need to wrap around some curves. I didn’t want to mess with the decals and the curves (notice a theme here?). I found three gray shaded of Tamiya paint that were fairly close matches so I decided to paint them.

I masked off the panels that needed to be painted. I also masked off the clear cockpit canopy and placed it on the cockpit. This will avoid getting Clear Flat on the cockpit parts that I wanted to remain a brighter silver color. Here is a photo of the masked and painted panels.

I brush painted them and I’m happy with the results. When they were dry I removed the masking and put on a light coat of Clear Flat. I then did a panel line wash to make the panel lines and rivet marks more visible. Note also, that I have applied some of the small decals.

I next used some of the Tamiya Weathering Master pigments to add some grime to a couple of areas of the fuselage.

I repeated the same process on the twin tail sections.

Next came the internal engine parts. There are two of them. One is clear and the other is the white plastic. I painted the outer ring of the white part black and the inner part I painted with Vallejo Bright Orange. I then used Tamiya Transparent Yellow to paint the inside of the clear parts. Here they are painted.

Once they were assembled, I got the effect I was looking for. Here is a picture.

With that completed, I assembled the back section of the A-Wing. I also lightly weathered the area around the small engines that fit between the large main engines. You can see the internal main engines parts and how they look once installed as well.

Here is a three-quarter view of the rear.

Now all that is left is the final assembly and some overall clear flat. I’ll get the pilot into the cockpit and remove the masking. Also, the base needs to be painted and the turbo laser tower put together.

All the main work is done. Look for a completion post coming soon. Thanks for looking.

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