BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Final

To complete the model, I painted the base with Tamiya Light Gray Primer. In the future I'll probably add some panel shading on the base, but for now it is fine and matches the other BanDai Star Wars models I've done lately. I did paint the turbo lasers on the tower with Tamiya Metalic Gray. … Continue reading BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Final

BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Update 1

On with the A-Wing build. There are a few panels on the fuselage and twin tails that are shades of gray. The kit provides decals for those panels and I've used them in the past on other Star Wars builds, but the panels on the tail need to wrap around some curves. I didn't want … Continue reading BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Update 1

BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Build

I hit a bit of a snag on the Soyuz build so I thought I'd take a break and do a quick build of another BanDai Star Wars model. This time it will be the A-Wing Starfighter which first appeared in the Return of the Jedi movie. They also feature in an earlier timeline in … Continue reading BanDai 1/72 A-Wing Starfighter Build

BanDai 1/72 Y-Wing Build Final

I went back to the main fuselage and painted a few pipes with copper. I think it helps to bring attention to the amount of piping that is on this section of the kit. The next thing to do on the Y-Wing was to build the engine nacelles. Once that was done I started applying … Continue reading BanDai 1/72 Y-Wing Build Final

BanDai 1/72 Y-Wing Build

While I have been working on the stealth XST and the Mercury spacecraft models I have also been working on this BanDai Y-Wing kit. It has been on the bottom of the priority list until the last couple of weeks. It is another amazing BanDai Star Wars kit. It has piping details that don't seem … Continue reading BanDai 1/72 Y-Wing Build