1/72 Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach Update 4

Next up for the Service Module (SM) are the details from the New-Ware set. I started with the PE parts for the RCS panels.

You can see that I filled the recessed lines that Dragon used. I had to fill them since their lines were slightly larger than the PE parts. The PE RCS panels are very thin and you need to take care when bending them to fit the curvature of the SM. You can also see the backside of the flyaway panel that also got glued into place.

Here is the flyaway panel from the outside.

Next I applied the rest of the PE parts to the fuel cell panel.

The New-Ware resin parts for the Rendezvous & Docking Light and the Rendezvous Radar Transponder & Antenna were the next items to be applied.

Finally, the EVA light was added. It has a folded PE base glued to the resin EVA light mast.

Next up should be the rear bulkhead and high gain antenna array.

Thanks for looking.

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