1/144 Apex Soyuz Rocket Conversion

For my first build of the year I’ll be doing a conversion of the Apex Vostok kit and build it as a Soyuz rocket. The core of the build will be the Apex kit plus parts from the Airfix Vostok kit. For the Soyuz part I’ll be using the conversion set from RealSpace Models.

One of the main reasons I’m using the Airfix kit is that the Apex rocket nozzles are just simple cones with absolutely no detail on them at all. The Airfix parts aren’t perfect either, but they at least have some detail to them. This is the same thing I did when I built the Voshkod rocket three years ago. I also used a small drill to hollow out the nozzles of the Airfix vernier parts.

The boosters are simple three piece sub-assemblies. Below, I’ve glued the halves together and drilled the bases to accept the Airfix nozzles.

Next, I cleaned up the parts for the core stage. I drilled out the base for the Airfix nozzles like I did for the boosters. I also drilled a fifth hole in the core stage base to accept a brass tube that will be used to attach the completed model to it’s base. I created the white disk from some .020 sheet styrene. It will hold the upper end of the brass tube. The picture on the right shows the brass tube being glued into one half of the core stage.

I then glued the bases to the boosters and glued the two halves of the core stage together. When that was done I attached the top of the core stage. It has holes for the plastic interstage truss to be glued in place. Since I’ll be using the RealSpace photo-etch part I’ll have to fill those holes. Finally the core stage got the vernier fairings attached. Those are particularly badly molded and require a fair measure of sanding and carving on their inside faces to get them to an acceptable state to be used.

Notice the small holes drilled into the boosters and core stage above the nozzle area. Those will be used to align the cross bracing from the Airfix kit.

So far so good. More to come.

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